Ivan Blagovic

Ivan Blagovic

Ivan is a young 19-year-old CAF (Croatian Air Force) pilot. Being a good commander to his men, they see him more as their friend rather than their commander. He is a great pilot in his La-7 and has already taken the rank of ace with 6 kills to his name. He is glad that they transferred him to the 23rd tank regiment as he had a lot of tank commander training before he became a pilot. Although he is not the strictest of commanders, he is still a good one as he never wants to commit to a fight that he can’t win for which he has earned the respect of his men.

Nicola Stojanic

Lazy, tired and always sleepy – these are the best words to describe Nicola. Although he is a great best friend to Ivan and Spiro, he sometimes doesn’t take the situation quite seriously and thus appears to be an irresponsible person, which in truth he is. Before he was moved to the tank regiment, he was a bomber and transport plane pilot and thus is familiar with large slow aircrafts better than anybody.

Spiro Novak

A superb sniper, maybe one of the best in Croatia, Spiro is a marksman like no other. Although he sports a bad boy image, he is good at heart and cares about his friends as much as they do about him. He enjoys operating the tank’s main gun and he uses his supreme sniper skills to hit any target at any distance with great ease. His favourite pass time is collecting all types of handheld weapons, but his greatest passion is collecting heavy AT rifles which he converts to sniper rifles and then uses with great effect.

Scotty Kyles

A Scottish soldier, he came to Croatia and became a volunteer reinforcement trooper along with 200 other British and Scottish soldiers. He is always a positive thinker and likes to help his friends when in need. He respects Ivan as his commander and follows his commands. He worked as an AA gun loader before he came to Croatia. He never refuses a good pint of beer or a nice bottle of vine.

Sam Williams

Brave, strong but still soft and respectful on the inside that is how Sam works.An American from San
Francisco, he has been an army newscaster all his working years before one day in 2010 he was ordered
to the Balkan front to report on how the war was going on there. His silver army transport constellation
aircraft was hit by a straggler enemy Bf 109 K-4 after it misinterpreted it for a B-29 heavy bomber. The
damaged aircraft made its way to the Croatian border where it landed in a field and after living in Croatia
for two years Sam liked it so much he refused to return home and insisted in joined the Croatian 23rd tank
regiment. He loves all his friends but does not want to show it because of his tough attitude. He does not
like Nicola particularly as he put it “mostly because he is annoying as all hell”.

General Antonio Kozakov

Serving in the Croatian army for many years, Kozakov had seen his fair share of battle and has a lot of experience in the field. He is now in charge of all the bases in the sector near the home town of Ivan, Nicola and Spiro. He is not a nice person. Being quite evil at times, he usually gets what he wants even if it is through violence and intimidation. His hatred for the 4th Reich and all of Kragen’s kind is unmatched. This is why he does not like any kind of robotics to be used by the men under his command.

Eduard Antal

A crazy but very clever doctor, Antal was a professional doctor until he started to invent all types of gadgets and other weird inventions. He also likes to experiment with body augmentation – but this only happens when he is not supervised.

Commander Wil Johnson

Kind and caring, Wil looks at his men as though they were his own children. He always tries to help his men in need and all of the soldiers in the base under his command love him as much as he loves them. He is the commander of Ivan, Nicola and Spiro and they are his favorites, as he says, because they show great coordination as a team.

Führer Kragen

Kragen is something that can only be describes as the most evil entity on earth. He is the one and only Führer of the 4th Reich. Kragen is responsible for the death of millions each year and his only purpose in life is to rid the planet of unclean and vile organics as he calls the human race. Stopping at nothing to achieve his goal, he is known for committing terrible acts of war. Living in the massive central command tower known as CCT in the center of Berlin, he spends most of his days plotting how to rid the world of his enemies. Unlike others of his kind he has long blades instead of fingers and it is rumored that he has super human strength, but since he does not go to battle so often lately, this remains a mystery…

Professor Fraz

Kragen’s right hand and a mad scientist, Fraz is responsible for some of the 4th Reich’s marvels of technology like the automatons and armored airships. Fraz is not normal in the slightest as his experiments are usually dangerous and fatal for all and any of his test subjects. He is scared to death of Kragen as he is the one who saw what Kragen does to those who disobey his orders or disappoint him in general. Unlike the rest of his kind, Fraz is a weird-looking fellow with his multiple spider-like legs and a long snout resembling the beak of a bird. No one knows how he was created as he could have not been created by the machine.

Agent 97

Born somewhere in Asia, Agent 97, as she is called by Ivan and his friends, is an orphan that lost her parents in a plane crash when she was just a baby. The plane was shot down although it remains a mystery who had done it and how they had done it. After the crash she was the only survivor and was found by a young general Hideki Itsuki Moto who is now one of the top ranking generals in the IJA. She was raised as one of his own children under strict discipline and was trained in the art of the samurai. She was one of the best and is often seen being silent and thoughtful. Although she does not know any better it can be seen that once she met Ivan and his team she started to see the world from a different point of view.

Axel holler

The back devil of the sky, angel of death or widowmaker. These are all the names given to the best pilot of the 4th Reich, although some say he is the worlds best pilot period. Ruthless and relentless he killed every opponent that ever dared to challenge him in his fighter plane. Some say that he can see the future as no one has ever even hit his plane. Some say its just a myth but the ones that saw him in action know that the flying nightmare is out there waiting for his next victim. The aircraft he flies are the Bf -109 k-4, Ta-152 and the dreaded Me 262 jet as of now. His aircraft are painted in a grey on black camo with a gaping set of teeth on the front. He has also painted his body in a grey on black combination to match his aircraft. Over the years he changed a lot of aircraft to see what suits him best. And in 38 years of service he raked up 7804 air victories.

Supreme General Draken

Crated by Professor Fraz to be Kragen’s ideal commander, General Draken is an ace in the hole when it comes to commanding his troops. Although it can be said that, since he was made to be intelligent and cunning, he does not always find Kragen’s ideas the best. Draken likes all under his command and does not send troops to die in battles that cannot be won. He is under Kragen’s command but he still sometimes acts on his own accord when he sees that the plan could not possiblly work. Much to Kragen’s discomfort, he can be regarded as the closest thing to a human in the 4th Reich army as he gives so much thought if things are right or wrong. And he was known to tell how he admires the human race as they keep on fighting after all these years. He is of a different appearance than other members of his kind. He is tall, with a head that resembles that of a cobra and he has a big strong body.