The Soviet Allies


War-machines are huge land walking units usually commanded by a single commander, piloted by two pilots and manned by two or more gunners which were designed in the 1980s by the allies to counter Kragen’s newer and larger models of automatons. War-machines are larger, more heavily armed and more armored than their robotic counterparts, but at the same time they are much slower and less mobile in all aspects since their technology is much more primitive and uses many components of the already existing tanks.

SHW (super heavy warmachine)

Although a lot of different models have been tested, only the largest ones, such as the Gods of War Class and Raider Class, have stood the test and are manufactured. Both of these models are classed as SHWs or super heavy war-machines because of their immense size and firepower.

God of War Class

The largest and most produced (10 in total) SHW is the God of War Class. Designed by Russian and American engineers, it has two-weapon hard-points on it arms where a variety of weapons can be attached. However, its most common build comprises two 122mm cannons on its left arm mount and a single large 203mm howitzer. It is commanded by a commander who sits in his command chair in the centre, the torso, of the machine and is piloted by two pilots who sit side by side in the machine’s head, while its weapons are operated by two gunners positioned in the massive shoulder pads above the weapon mounts.