The Soviet Allies


Producing weapons for half of the allied forces is not easy. American weapons and vehicles are easily fixed, simple to transport and fast to produce. With such a vast front, America needs cost effective vehicles that will lead its forces to victory no matter how many of them are lost… even if they need 6 to 10 Shermans to destroy one of the 4th Reich’s tanks.


Sherman 76

Sherman-76 is the literal representation of an old workhorse that will not let its users down. It keeps getting upgraded so that it would not be left behind in the race when its time has already run out. The Sherman still keeps coming back for more after so many years of being in use. With its powerful 76mm gun it can shorten the life of an enemy tank, which is a definite plus for its crew as its armor is less than perfect and cannot resist more than light cannon rounds and the occasional ram.

Sherman Easy Eight (Sherman EE) tank

Sherman-EE is a new, improved and upgraded Sherman 76. With slightly better armor and wider tracks, the EE is always a better tank in the field than its older counterpart. The EE is the first American medium tank that can outperform the mighty T-34/85 in almost all aspects other than speed, but it comes at quite a high cost compared to the Russian tank which makes it less popular, and its older counterpart is still more popular in the armies around the world.


Hellcat is as fast as a light tank but with the bite of a true TD. The Hellcat can knock out German big cats and then vanish in a blink of an eye. It mounts the same gun as the old M10 TD. Its only weakness, but at the same time its biggest weakness, is its extremely light armor, which is even lighter than the old M10 which was already considered a low standard. At certain points the hull is so thin that a heavy mg can punch through it. Thanks to its superior speed, it can outrun its enemy and reposition itself at lightning speed but if it gets caught in the open then it can be considered as good as dead.

M-26 Perching

The Pershing is, for now, one of the best and most competitive American designs. Since the Sherman is already an aging machine the Pershing came at the right time. Armed with a powerful 90mm gun and armor comparable to the 4th Reich Panther, the Pershing is a great heavy tank but it can be used as a medium as well. Although powerful it still can’t beat the 4th Reichs Panther II and King Tiger.


P-51 Mustang

P-51 is the plane that symbolizes the western powers. The Mustang is a fast and reliable escort fighter. With its long range fuel tanks, it can follow the bombers it is tasked to protect for thousands of kilometers and still do combat against enemy fighters when it arrives on sight – something the BF 109s could only dream of achieving. This great plane unfortunately has some severe flaws, the biggest two being that in spite of its great performance it still does not outmatch the BF 109 enough to be considered a superior aircraft. And its greatest weakness by far lies in its very poor armament of 6X50cal machine guns. Although this is not a bad armament for a plane, it is the nature of this aircraft to fight at high speed and here is where it cannot deliver enough of a punch in those split seconds and it is something that the BF 109 does without any problems.


B-17 is the giant which has not disappointed America for the last 40 years and still keeps on going. The B-17 is the world’s best heavy four engine bomber and it is likely that it will stay this way until it is eventually completely replaced by the B-29. With an armament of 13X50cal mgs spread around the bomber, it is a hard target to get to for any pilot. And with a bomb load of 3600kg, it can defend itself while still dealing damage to Kragen’s forces.