About the comic

The comic takes place in 2014 in an alternate universe where WW2 never ended due to Kragen and his robotic army overtaking Germany in 1943. Populated by people with orange or green skin (or any other skin color you can imagine) and peculiar features that distinguish them both from us and each other, this universe is strikingly different from the world we know. Not only are the people different, the technology is significantly less advanced. Some early types of cell phones and computers have been developed; however, weapons and equipment are still old-fashioned. The primitive technology at the beginning of WW2, much more primitive than in our universe, coupled with constant fighting severely hampered the development of new inventions. Now, war is almost a daily occurrence. Battles erupt everywhere around the world as Kragen and his forces try to advance and complete their mission of exterminating all “unclean organics”, as he calls the human race.

The comic focuses on Ivan (a Croatian pilot and 6 kills ace) and his two best friends: Nicola (a bomber pilot) and Spiro (one of the best snipers in Croatia). Their adventure begins as they are transferred from their regular duties to tank unit duty. Although they did serve in armored units before, this is their first real mission on the front line. Their commander is confident that they make an excellent team and that they don’t have anything to worry about. But, if that is really true is for them to discover in the adventures that await them.

It all started in the 1930s…

…when a man who was out for power finally achieved his goal. He became the leader of the German people. In the beginning, it all didn’t seem so bad. He was not a good man in anybody’s eyes, but he offered them food and a place to work which the German people took gladly. After the First World War, Germany was on its back foot, but with the arrival of this man everything seemed to fade away. The people trusted him and his party, the Nazis. With trust came the will to do better than the rest and the people obeyed his orders without question. He had them in his iron grasp. He could do anything and they would think it was right, they were blinded by the light coming from their new leader and devoted to his greatness even if the path he chose was wrong.

When a man has so much power, it doesn’t take much for war to break out. His greed for more did not stop and eventually the whole world and every living soul on it would pay for his actions dearly. In 1939 the first light tanks of the German army crossed the Polish border and at that exact moment an unquenchable flame was lit up. Engulfing life after life its growing flames feed to this very day. Going from Europe to the skies of Great Britain, the African desert and the Pacific islands the war grew larger every day as nations joined the weak but fighting allies and the power hungry axis. However, in the beginning of 1943 as men fell and control over territories changed hands, it started to be clear that the man who started it all made a grave miscalculation. Germany was losing. Due to the unbelievable power of the Soviet forces and the British-American task force now steaming through Italy, Germany and its leaders found themselves in a collision course with two angry giants who would not stop anytime soon. Panic struck and as paranoia was taking its toll, the German lines could hold no more until they eventually gave way. The time was nigh.

But the man who started it all was nowhere to be seen. He was naive sometimes, maybe a bit crazy too – but he did predict this type of situation. Before the war even begun he has gathered his most greatest scientists to select the lucky two who will be tasked a job of their lifetime. Once multiple tests have been passed and their leader was surprised enough he finally chose two. They were now to disappear from existence as they were given a laboratory of their choosing and an unlimited supply of funds, materials, helpers, and test subjects. Here they were now tasked to create something, a machine, a weapon or anything they could think of that could save the Third Reich from disaster if the war was to take too long or turn against it’s own creators. It is not known why he selected these two scientists in particular, but his generals saw he had a lot of interest in the samples of something they were building. Four years later and a small fortune of money, manpower and material it was finally done. A machine that could build synthetic robotic troops to use for war. These robots could feel, talk, think, understand and fight just like normal men could – but they could be built in millions copies and be replaced in a matter of minutes. They did require training, but only for special roles like pilots or tank operators as they knew how to fire and load a gun from birth. Unlike a regular man they did not require any food and needed to sleep only half of what a normal person needs to function properly. Once he saw this masterpiece of their long work the feurer could not bring himself to say a word. Still under the effect of the contraption left in him he said: “I wish that every machine built by this masterpiece bears my semblance so that every country we take can see the face of its new leader watching it all the time”.

When the allies broke trough he was not gone because he hid from the allied menace. He went to the laboratory of his two most praised men to finally activate the machine and save his country. But something unplanned happened when the machine was activated. Nobody exactly knew how these two scientists made this machine or from what material was it built. Many generals and military commanders who visited them during their work said they have never seen anything like it and that it was out of this world. Now these parts of unknown origin made it malfunction. But not in the way that it broke the machine itself, but instead gave it self-consciousness. The machine could now think on its own and it didn’t like what it saw. When one of the two scientists understood something was terrible wrong he tried to deactivate it but was to late. Before he could reach the power clamp the machine’s robotic claw-shaped arms encircled the man trapped in this hellish room. Before someone could shout help to the guards outside they ripped him to shreds.

There were no survivors, not even the mighty feurer made it out alive. Once the dust from the carnage settled down, the machine rumbled as it’s inner mechanism sprung to life for the first time. As it rattled and steamed it produced it’s first ever robotic soldier. But this first in the line of many million would not be like all the others. The machine needed someone to lead its troops for it. It needed a leader. And so it made its first creation a special one. It inserted a little bit of its powerful mind into it so that this new leader can lead its army to victory. It also made its body distinguishable from all the rest by giving it sharp long talon-like claws, a row of sharp teeth and red glowing eyes – like it knew it was making the most feared synthetic on the planet. Then the massive steel doors of the machine screeched open and a pale gray figure stepped out on the cold bloody flour. With its red glowing eyes it observed the room. It took a few steps to the mutilated and motionless body of this country’s ex feurer. It picked up his bloody hat and put it on its head. It smiled picking up the feurer’s coat and adoring. As the machine rumbled in the back ground, its doors opening and closing as robotic solider after solider exited its metal body. The pale gray figure now wearing the feuresr’s hat and coat glared at the light coming from the open door with its smile increasing ever so slightly. Then HE said “a new era awakens and its name is Kragen” with a swift hand gesture, he signaled the others to leave the room. Engulfed in the light escaping from the open metal doors, he left the bunker complex while the other robotic soldiers striped the dead guards of their weapons and armor.

Although Kragen’s true plan is not known even today, most speculate it is to destroy all intelligent life on earth. To annihilate anything that is not synthetic and to “free” the world of what he calls “filthy organic scum”. In a matter of hours they have overtaken the bunker complex. With captured trucks and cars they headed to the nearest town. With the german army in disarray and panic due to the allies advance, they were caught by surprise. Most germans did not even try to fight but begged for their life or outright surrendered to these new enemies out of terror, fear itself and the fact that most of them could not understand what these new adversaries were or where they came from. Just like that the next town fell, and the next, and the next until in less then two weeks two whole of Germany’s territory was under Kragen’s control.

The first phase of his plan was complete. The german people were enslaved to construct more weapons for him. He now had everything ready for his next step – to challenge the allies and their mighty armies. The allies, now surprised that the germans stopped attacking or defending operations, steadily advanced inside german territory. With eery silence the allies made their way trough german towns with no one there to greet them or fight them. It was like the whole of Germany vanished into thin air. Finally on the 5th of June 1943, when berlin was just a week away, suddenly a terrible resistance was met. With the cover of a storm the german troops attacked. Allied first line troops fought back but, as the supposed german troops neared them, they suddenly realized something terrible. The things that were attacking them were not the germans nor were they people. When shot at their bodies made metal clanking noises and oil came spurting out. Terrified by this site and with the sheer confusion of what was going on the allies turned around and started to retreat at tremendous speed. Its commanders were not able to keep their men in line for more than a day and ordered a full on defensive line to be built to stop the push of this new enemy.

At this critical point in history the American, British and Soviet troops bunkered down and made a defensive line all around Germany. Then the world stopped and watched for a moment in complete silence. Would the allies be able to overcome their fear? A day passed, with it followed another and another. Many of the men started to get paranoid of what was going on around them. Then on the 28th of May 1943 at 5am as the sun was still rising a Russian scout reported to have seen the first german tanks. The soviets braced for impact. But at the same time the American and British lines reported that an attack was heading for them too. The allied leaders were amazed. They were attacking all their defensive lines at once! But they were not given a lot of time to think about it. The enemy tank and assault gun formations smashed in their defensive lines all hell broke out. The enemy was attacking with no remorse or fear of their own loses as tank after tank poured in the openings of the allied lines. At 2pm just 9 hours after the attack begun, the British lines broke in a shattering air attack by the enemy and they started to retreat to the French coast. Soon after that the americans with heavy hearts started to fall back knowing that the territories they fought so much for are now lost. The soviets knowing what was happening still did not want to sound the retreat. With bitter anger they made one last massive assault. As tanks crashed and soldiers butchered each other with any close combat weapon they had, it was obvious the enemy is not getting tired of the ruthless onslaught. A retreat was in order and now the soviets did not hesitate. When they started to pull back the still fight-ready enemy followed.

And so begun the war which would not stop even until today. For the next 75 years the territories would change hands many times and nations who never wanted war would be pulled in the conflict by this conflict’s endless thirst for blood and souls of the men who were now fighting for their way of life and the survival of mankind itself.

The 10 year peace and operation Quickdraw

The 10-year peace was an event caused by massive allied offensive in 1969, which was planned under the primary command of Ivan Blagovic’s great-grandfather and supreme commander of the Croatian allied forces at the time of Radislav Blagovic. It took Radislav Blagovic four years to plan the offensive and it was finally approved by the allied high command on December 12,1968. Soon after, the Croatian and allied forces started to plan and prepare for the attack. The attack was divided in two stages. In the first stage, American, Slovenian and Hungarian forces attacked from the south towards Austria. This was a diversion for the actual attack. Once a significant number of the 4th Reich forces moved in to counter the attack, a combined elite of Croatian and Serbian forces under Radislav Blagovic’s command was air lifted behind the diversion attack. The force was massive and required 47 different cargo and transport airships to take them across the line. Once they reached their destination, this strike force was to move at a rapid rate and destroy and liberate all the cities it could with the assistance of the local Austrian or German resistance fighters. This operation was called operation Quickdraw. The aim of this operation was to make Kragen realize that his unbeatable 4th Reich army was not so powerful after all and make him rethink his strategy and to give the allied forces time to rebuild their forces after so many years of war. The operation began on January 15, 1969. The main attack went on as planned with the 4th Reich moving their troops from all over the south of Europe to face the massive attack. After the second day of attack, Croatian and Serbian forces, under Radislav Blagovic’s command, made their move and were airlifted 200 km behind the ongoing attack. Once on the ground, the American, Slovenian and Hungarian forces retreated. By the time the commanders of the 4th Reich’s army realized their mistake, it was already too late as the rapid strike force started making its way deeper into the 4th Reich’s territory with the help of their fast T-34/76s and motorized infantry. The 4th Reich’s slow and lumbering armies with their Tiger 1 E tanks could not catch up. Once Kragen heard of this disaster, he ordered all the units stationed around the center of the 4th Reich to move down south as fast as possible. But Rade was a superb commander who was taking one blow after another and was still advancing. Faced with a major defeat, the Reich’s defense forces started to crumble and pull back as the strike force was coming closer and closer to Berlin. Kragen, engulfed with rage, decided to face the enemy with his elite 1st Guard. The unit was his personal guard and had some of the most advanced equipment the Reich had to offer. After meeting up, the two forces clashed in an all or nothing battle where no life was spared. The 1st Guard were ruthless, killing everything in sight. Their new equipment made it easy. After a long night battle, the morning came and finally the two commanders met in battle. In the ensuing fight, Rade fought in his T-34/57 against Kragen’s custom made black Tiger 1 E.


The tank battle was brutal but after Rade’s vehicle was disabled and his crew dead, he stepped out to face Kragen in a hand-to-hand combat. After an intense brawl it was clear who the winner was, as Kragen impaled the Croatian commander with his blade, laughing while he was falling down in a bloody heap on the ground. Before he died, he promised Kragen his ancestors will come back to claim the victory he could have not achieved. The 1st Guard continued to kill every single member of the strike force until there were no survivors. Although he was dead, his mission was complete. Shortly after the battle, the 4th Reich stopped the attacks in the entire area. The things stayed that way for the next 10 years. During that time, improvements in weapons, vehicles and technology in general were made on both ends. This is why the general Radislav Blagovic is remembered as one of the greatest generals of this war: he made Kragen feel something no one thought was possible – fear./p>